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Onkyo TX-SR608

The new Onkyo TX-SR608 is really smashing. This is my first review and I wanted to give my vote for this AV receiver.

Onkyo TX-SR608I was choosing amongst Onkyo TX-SR608 and Pioneer 1020. But people told me that the amps on the Onkyo will give me more bang for my buck. I am not sure if this is accurate or not but I am convinced that Onkyo is more powerful.

I have already noticed a enormous amount of power increase over my former Yamaha receiver (the model that was included with the Yamaha 390 HTIB). This puts out a lot more sound, and I absolutely love the ability to take advantage of HD audio.

I found a big fildelity difference from the compressed Dolby Digital and the Dolby True HD. The track was intended to include a lot of bass, and the HD includes all of it. The ordinary Dolby did not compare. The HD audio is a must if you have a bluray disc player.

Back to the Onkyo TX-SR608: I luv it. The tweaks and settings are plenty for you to play around with. If you like the ability to configure your equipment, you will adore this receiver!

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