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Onkyo TX-SR608

The new Onkyo TX-SR608 is really smashing. This is my first review and I wanted to give my vote for this AV receiver.

Onkyo TX-SR608I was choosing amongst Onkyo TX-SR608 and Pioneer 1020. But people told me that the amps on the Onkyo will give me more bang for my buck. I am not sure if this is accurate or not but I am convinced that Onkyo is more powerful.

I have already noticed a enormous amount of power increase over my former Yamaha receiver (the model that was included with the Yamaha 390 HTIB). This puts out a lot more sound, and I absolutely love the ability to take advantage of HD audio.

I found a big fildelity difference from the compressed Dolby Digital and the Dolby True HD. The track was intended to include a lot of bass, and the HD includes all of it. The ordinary Dolby did not compare. The HD audio is a must if you have a bluray disc player.

Back to the Onkyo TX-SR608: I luv it. The tweaks and settings are plenty for you to play around with. If you like the ability to configure your equipment, you will adore this receiver!

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Onkyo TX-NR708 Review

The reason why I wanted the Onkyo TX-NR708 is because it supports VGA input and ethernet. I have looked at many different receviers but they did not support VGA video input.

Onkyo TX-NR708All of my home theater equipment is hooked up to the TX-NR708 and I solely require one HDMI cable from the Television. It was extremely smooth to setup. If you’ve ever done it earlier with another receiver, this would be a piece of cake. Everything is well labeled and laid out on the back of the receiver. And there is a lot of them, which is great if you want to expand in the future. More or less everything can be set up by using the receivers “ON SCREEN DISPLAY”.

There were no problems for the receiver to access my additional devices. Up-conversion works fantastic. And there was no issue with the DCDi Cinema processing.

Speaker-wise, I’m using it in a 7.1 configuration and it sounds first-class. Auto-setup works well, but I do enjoy tinkering to fit my needs/preferences best.

Ethernet works well, net radio is a welcome add-on; as well as being capable to stream my music collection from my PC. You could also update the Onkyo TX-NR708´s firmware instantly via the network/internet which is a plus. Also, no problems communicating with my PC with Windows 7.

I have not yet had the chance to try out the remote that much…. I use a Logitech Harmony One, which works wonderful with the NR708. I did however use the factory remote for a few days before I setup all my devices. From what I can tell, it was really simple to use and comfortable; It is also programmable but I have not yet used this feature.

The sound is fantastic, especially when playing music, and that is 1 thing I luv about this TX-NR708. Some units I’ve experienced do the whole movie/surround effects well, but lack when it comes to good ol’ music playback. This receiver has got the audio quality that is sufficient for listening to 2 channel stereo music, if you have some good speakers of course. It also definitely supplies a healthy amount of power to the channels to drive a wide range of speakers.

The display on the front of the unit gives a nice amount of data. The brightness can be changed, and also the blue light on the volume knob can be turned off. The option, Pure Mode will let you turn off the TX-NR708´s display. the solely thing you will notice is a LED indicating that the receiver is in “Pure Mode”.

For the advanced users, there is plenty of options to fiddle with to get the receiver sounding the way you’d like. Again, because this unit has On-Screen-Display, making adjustments is a picnic. No longer do you have to sit and look at the little screen on the front of the receiver. You can do it all via a nice and straight forward to use Graphic User Interface on your telly. Also, it accepts a broad range of various speaker impedance’s.

I could probably easily go on about this receiver, as I thoroughly enjoy it. I have used it everyday and it has not let me down. My friends compliments me on how good the sound is and how good the receiver looks.

The connections on the front are also a great addition. I have 2 HD video-cameras that I can now easily connect to the receiver through HDMI via the front panel HDMI port. There is also a front panel USB port, composite connections, 1/8″ mini jack line input, input for calibration microphone, and of course a headphone output; plenty and surely convenient!

So obviously, I highly recommend this unit. You do not require anything more than what you will get with this receiver. This Onkyo TX-NR708 exceeded my expectations.

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