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Arlanda Airport hotels

Arlanda FlygplatsArlanda is not just Stockholm’s largest, but also Sweden’s largest airport with four terminals and over 170 destinations worldwide.

Arlanda is also a hub for traffic to and from Scandinavia via air, bus, and various types of trains.
Arlanda Hotel

Do you think the airport is just an airport, so do you wrong, there are lots of companies in the area and airport hotels are plentiful.

Looking Hotels at Arlanda, ( more information about hotell arlanda flygplats here) there are plenty to choose from. We have therefore taken the opportunity to gather information, pictures and facts about the best hotels at the airport.

Are you looking for a little more enjoyable hotel experience we can recommend to stay in an airplane, Jumbo Stay Arlanda.
Why you should book their airport hotel on the internet?

It is always easier to sit in peace and quiet when to book a hotel, why not make it home in front of his computer? If this is the conference you are after then you might be flexible in your rooting of hotels and then there is money to save.

Try to check prices on nearby days to save money.
Keep track of what’s happening at the airport.

At the airport there are a few different webcams positioned so that you round the clock to keep track of what’s happening.

You can find webcams on the airport’s own website or by clicking here.
Arlanda perfect for conference

In addition to being an airport so airport a good place for the conference. Just next to the airport is a conference hotel and conference center daily to maintain a high standard.

A piece from Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, and more specifically in arlanda city is also the opportunity for conference or hotel.
Facts about Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Arlanda airport ( Hotell Arlanda) belongs to the municipality of Sigtuna and has the designation ARN. Besides being the largest airport so is the third largest in Scandinavia and one of Europe’s ten largest airports.
The four terminals at the airport:

Terminal 2 is a terminal for international flights, which include low-cost airlines Skyways, Norwegian Airlines and Easyjet agrees to.

Terminal 3’s domestic terminal for airlines Nextjet and Skyways.

Terminal 4 is also a domestic terminal for SAS, Norwegian, etc.

Terminal 5 is the largest terminal with only international flights from around 50 different airlines.

So whether it’s shopping, stopping or conference you are after then this is the perfect site to find an airport hotel on!

Hotels Arlanda. Arlanda (ARN), Stockholm’s international airport opened in 1959. Every year, Stockholm-Arlanda airport received about 18 million passengers. For you to be with a fight that depart early in the morning, or to rest after a long flight, it might be a good idea to check into one of the hotel located near Arlanda airport.

Radisson SAS Royal Viking Hotel (Benstocksvägen 1) is located four minutes from the terminals. Here is a lovely relaxation area with a Fitness Centre, indoor pool and solarium. The hotel also offers a wide range of fresh conference. With the free shuttle bus, you can, every fifteen minutes, go to the various terminals. Radisson SAS Royal Viking Hotel has 250 parking spaces. Radisson SAS SkyCity Hotel (Sky City) is located between terminals 4 and 5. The 230 rooms are of a high standard and guests have access to the fitness center KIT

Park Inn Stockholm-Arlanda (Bristagatan 16) is located four kilometers from Arlanda Airport. The hotel is ideal for business travelers but also for conferences. Park Inn Stockholm-Arlanda has a very nice meeting room on the top floor. Rooms at the Park Inn Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, which is 97 in number is a very high standard. The hotel reception is open around the clock and when initiating or check out the hotel offers guests a free shuttle bus to / from the airport.

Connect Hotel Arlanda (Hotell vid Arlanda) is a newly built business and leisure hotel located five minutes drive from Arlanda International Airport. The hotel rooms are of good quality. Within three miles of the hotel is also a golf course. Connect Hotel Arlanda is also a good hotel to hold a conference. Quality Airport Hotel Arlanda (Cederströmslinga) is a clean business hotel, located just over five kilometers from Arlanda Airport. The hotel can offer, including a nice gym with relaxation area. Furthermore, is a shopping center next to the hotel. Quality Hotel Airport Arlanda (Bristagatan 22) is a pleasant hotel with 148 rooms, located only five minutes from the airport. The hotel has, among other things, a nice restaurant, a fitness room and sauna. Moreover, there is a nice jogging trails emanating from the hotel.

Rest and Fly (SkyCity) is a discount hotel very close to Arlanda Airport Terminal 4. Rooms at Rest and Fly is fresh and you can rent your room day and night. Although you can not rent a room at the hotel, you can be, for a fee, rent a shower. Before you book you in on any of the hotels close to Arlanda Airport, you should always take the time to compare the price, location and standard. Keep an eye out if the hotels have no current offers. Furthermore, you should check when booking which rules apply at the entrance and check-out and eventual cancellation. Be sure to book yourself in any hotel in Arlanda airport immediately after you booked your airline ticket.


Onkyo TX-NR808 Customer Review

A new home theater receiver is the Onkyo TX-NR808 that really is a great equipment. This type of product has just about all of the functions you could ever need. I’d personally absolutely recommend this product to anyone shopping for a home theater receiver.

Support for Audio Return and 3D Video for HDMI 1.4a Support

There are seven HDMI 1.4a inputs on the TX-NR808, allowing you to connect multiple high-definition sources at once. A single output sends the choice to your display. There is a functionality for Audio Return Channel and it is even compatible with 3D videos. There’s no need for a separate cable for sending audio content from the HDTV tuner to the A/V receiver. There’s just one single cable for the whole process.

Windows® 7 Compatible

You can use your personal desktop computer and connect with the Onkyo receiver to get internet access. The TX-NR808 receiver model of Onkyo brand can be directly linked to get internet access. Using the main system that’s got unprecedented power you can stream audio through the internet for online radio access. The Onkyo TX-NR808 receiver can be utilized with Microsoft Windows 7 and even the earlier versions.

Has Dolby Surround Sound and Audyssey DSX

The TX-NR808 features two fantastic surround sound technologies from both Audyssey and Dolby. There is the ability to use front broad speakers for surround sound and not the usual back speakers as in other devices. You could get the best quality home theater experience with the Dolby Pro Logic IIz. It has front heightened speaker options with this system.

What are Customers Saying?

To find out a lot more about a product, customer comments are the best source. This system has overall received positive opinions. The Amazon customers have offered the TX-NR808 an average rating of 4 1/2 stars. Many happy customers declare that its a great value priced at less than $1,500 for the total package. The customers of the TX-NR808 know that they have made a great buy for the “AVR beast”. The sound level of quality and advanced options have been lavishly praised as well. Many content consumers say that they would definitely buy it again. It is a package that they expected and even more.


The truly thing I can find to complain about with regard this system is that it won’t support the iPhone 3G OS4.0 or iTunes m4a files. Additionally, there are some network connection issues with the TX-NR808. Having stated that minor downside, it could quickly be solved with some basic troubleshooting.

To Conclude

The concluding review is that it’s an excellent receiver for one home theater system that is suitably priced under $1,500. In comparison to similar models, it is competitively priced, and I believe it to be well worth the money. The TX-NR808 system features a variety of enhanced options and positive attributes. This system is definitely a great treasure for my money. I highly endorse this to anyone looking in the market for a home theater system.

Check out the Review of Onkyo TX-SR608

The Onkyo home theater receiver model TX-SR608 is a high quality theater system that has a price range lower than the expected for a high performance system.

This receiver incorporates a variety of advanced features sure to make your home theater experience more enjoyable.

There is HDMI Support for the HD Video and Audio Return Channel

You can connect multiple high definition sources all at once with the feature of this HDMI input for the TX-SR608. There exists a compatibilty with 3D Technology and the TX-SR608 which also has a unique feature of Audio Return Channel.

Enjoy the Innovative Audio Decoders

The TX-SR608 works with DTS-HD Master Audio which enable it to also decode Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, and also the Dolby Digital Plus. Before the introduction of the Onkyo TX-SR608, this level of technology was only available on mid-range or high-end receivers.

Dolby® Pro Logic® IIz and Audyssey DSX™

There’s two superb surround-sound technologies using the TX-SC608.. There is a new dimension of sound for the games or movies, this is with both Audyssey DSX with also the Dolby Pro Logic lIz. It can even reconfigure the back channels to “front height” channels. While using the “front wide” speakers instead of the back speakers could give a more realistic listening experience with the Audyssey DSX. This could better expand the width of your soundstage.

Many Optional Accessories for Connection to Universal Ports.

There is a universal port the place that the UP-HT1 HD Radio Tuner or the UP-A1 Dock for iPhone/iPod can be connected with the TX-SR608. These accessories are offered separately. That can be done “daisy chaining” and connect both devices simultaneously. You cannot find any longer a need for another cable where the port can send power to the peripheral devices from the receiver.What are the customer reviews concerning this product?

Many customers give the Onkyo TX-SR608 a rating of four out of five stars. The TX-SR608 has long been described as an “amazing receiver for a reasonable price.” The features that many customers rave about is its value with great sound and may even be a space saver. The great features that many customers praise about this home theater receiver is its 3D capability at such a bargained price. Most owners of this system say that they would purchase it again.


There exists although a slight issue with the volume, because it cannot produce volume at a very high level and has difficulty when switching between the inputs. There would be a need to increase the volume to at least 50% for the audio sources. The audio could possibly get to a loud enough level after doing this adjustment.

It is such an excellent receiver that you would not even mind the minor issues. The Onkyo TX-SR608 audio receiver is overall a great system even with the minor issues. If there are people looking for a superior quality receiver, I would surely recommend this unit with its advanced features and connection capabilities. To include on top of that, the 3D feature makes it a technologically advanced system.