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MAGNAVOX MDR513H HDD and DVD Recorder Review

The Magnavox MDR513H is indeed versatile that it can store multiple movies on DVDs, record your favorite TV shows and even organize the titles of the movies. In case you loved the functionality of your old VCR, this Magnavox model is the best DVDR and HDD equipment out on the market and is like the newer and better version of the old VCR. You’ll recognize that this product is the best on the market, so just continue reading the review and you will see why I also appreciate this latest Magnavox equipment.

Magnavox MDR513H Qualities

What makes the Magnavox MDR513H stand out from the rest? The Magnavox DVD Recorder has a DVD +/-R/RW recording and even easy access to progressive scanning and HD programming with the built-in ATSC/NTSC tuner.

It can record up to 387 hours with all the built in 320GB HDD even on your lowest setting.

It comes with an analog tuner that let’s you connect simultaneously to a cable box and antenna connection. Additionally is also a digital tuner.

There is a special feature using the Magnavox that lets you record even when you were not able to push the record button in time. This feature is seriously appreciated by many busy people.

Magnavox provides many cable connections for the other AV equipments with components. There is also the HDMI cable for TV display and S-Video and coax cables.

You may even add an external hard drive to provide extra Hard Drive space for more storage capacity.

The Magnavox tuner can pick up satellite direct tv channels and as well Digital and Analog cable.

It works so simple as the old VCR with simple recording and dubbing buttons. It’s basically a simple VCR that has plug and play buttons that’s real easy to use.

Imagine accessing TIVO without the satellite set up and the monthly fees. This is really a wonderful feature of the Magnavox MDR513H.


These are typically a few minor issues that I have encountered that pale in comparison to the wonders that the HD can do. One setback is it cannot burn double layer DVDs and has just a few USB drives for additional connection. There are a few flaws to this all round great equipment, but nevertheless still it got top reviews.


I would strongly recommend the Magnavox MDR513H to just about anyone looking to buy a player such as this. You will absolutely be happy with the good price for the Magnavox machine. There’s no more fees to pay with the Magnavox player when you want to watch movies. You should not rent DVR anymore. There’s an easy way to work around the problem with not being able to record more than one shows at the same time. So go out and purchase your unit now.